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Milan | Rome


CSV LEGAL was born from the idea of the founders and friends, Avv. Michelangelo Costa, Avv. Gianfranco Santojanni and Avv. Simona Vocaturo, who have created an independent Italian law firm, which assists Italian and foreign clients in different areas of law.

The Firm offers highly specialized legal advice in civil and corporate law, with the aim of assisting its Customers with commitment and dedication, evaluating each time the individual problems and critical issues, even if only potential, in order to offer the widest range of solutions and the best out-of-court and procedural strategy, such as to guarantee its Customers a complete defense of their rights and interests.

Competence in professional activity, listening skills, passion, research, continuous training, the use of new technologies and a consolidated network on the national and international territory, distinguish the Professionals of CSV LEGAL in a the innovative vision is common.


CSV LEGAL, thanks to a consolidated network of collaborations with prestigious professional firms, is able to assist its customers in real time on the whole national territory and in the main foreign countries.

“The lawyer, who since the first interview guarantees the client the successful outcome of the case,
it may be that he is a skilled professional,
but certainly not a great scientist.
It looks more like the juggler,
which guarantees to be able to guess the card that will come out of the deck;
here science has nothing to do with it: it is only dexterity of hand “.

(Piero Calamandrei, Elogio dei giudici scritto da un avvocato, 1935)