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CSV LEGAL is the Italian law firm of reference of the international network of independent LEGUS law firms.

The objective of LEGUS is:


  • develop an environment that creates relationships that allow members to refer to work with each other, improving their customer service skills. This is accomplished by building relationships that build trust and strengthen the link between lawyer and client.
  • educate lawyers in all aspects of law firm management to ensure that they can focus on serving their clients rather than being distracted by management problems due to the lack of effective management.
  • offer a non-competitive environment that allows members to share information with each other, key information that ultimately improves customer service.

Thanks to the membership of LEGUS and the technical-linguistic skills of its Professionals, CSV LEGAL offers complete and continuous assistance to foreign customers in relation to their operations both in Italy and abroad.

Further information is available on the website http://www.leguslaw.com